5 Future Examples of Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption


Digital disruption – the use of technology to revamp or replace a traditional industry with a new one – has been one of the hallmarks of advancement 21st Century. The likes of Netflix, which basically made video stores redundant, or Uber, which has laid down a challenge for the taxi industry, are good examples of digital disruptions. But there are countless other instances we can cite, and there are many industries that are in the process of being disrupted. Here are five areas that we think are already showing the signs to be ripe for digital disruption in the coming years:

Finance and Investment

In years gone past, if you had some money to invest you would visit a wealth manager; basically, a financially advisor who would take your money and invest it, using their expertise and knowledge. It all seems a little clunky, however, and the arrival of FinTech and TechFin will surely upend the traditional finance industry. Why would you pay someone to invest your money, when you will be able to use things like AI, Big Data and Automation to make the investments. Financial technology will soon allow you to make slicker, smarter and savvier investments than any stockbroker could hope to offer.


A controversial one here; and, an area that will probably have the most resistance. To argue that money will soon be replaced by cryptocurrency is a bit simplistic.  World leaders have been reluctant to embrace the like of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the uses they carry beyond currency cannot be held back. Smart contracts and other uses of blockchain make crypto hard to ignore; the fact that Tech Giants like Facebook are getting into cryptocurrency means that it feels inevitable it will transform the idea of money.


Around 20 years ago, the first online casinos started to gain prominence. Much of the goal was to replicate what went on in a real casino, as you can see, for example, with the realistic   games at different gaming centers. Yet, both the land-based and online casino industry have co-exist and thrive. Yet, online casino operators have realized that they can best “disrupt” the traditional casino industry, not by replicating it, but by offering what it can’t. Playing poker on your smartphone might be handy and novel, but playing skill-based casino games using VR, MR and AR technology could send shock waves through the entire industry.


When you think of jobs that might fall afoul of technology, the job of a lawyer does not come to the top of the list. However, it is entirely feasible that we Even today, you can find much legal advice online. Yet, in the future it is likely to be possible that we can use A.I to give, at least, basic legal advice in the same manner as a solicitor might do today. It is likely to start with the small stuff – parking fines, minor disputes – but it will inevitably grow to cover all elements of the law.


Just as your children might have to make a decision whether it’s worth studying law, it’s likely that how they study will also change. Options like Massively Open Online Courses, Khan Academy and Udemy are already changing how education is accessed. Look, nobody is saying that there will be no schools in the future, but the idea of campus life, of physically attending a university, will begin to look very different over the next decade or two.


Digital disruption is a part of our daily life. The digital world is helping us in almost everything around us.  Be it education, gaming, leisure, law, etc. So, these changes are always welcome to make our life easy and smooth. In the coming days, there will be lot more to disrupt – digitally.

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